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In case you missed my tweet this morning, Public Display of Everything is free on Amazon (right here!) at the moment. So if you haven’t gotten a copy, make sure you snatch one up within the next 36 hours or so :)


Public Display of Everything on Amazon!

If you missed my tweet and FB post yesterday, here’s a blog post with all the info :) Public Display of Everything went live on Amazon yesterday, and you can find it right HERE.

PDoE-mediumGenre: M/M, erotica/romance (explicit.)


“Is there a voyeur inside you? Or are you the one who would like an audience in the bedroom?”

Cory can’t keep a job. Flynn has a job he can no longer hide behind. A simple proposition in an effort to solve both of their problems leads two young men to confront the heartbreaks of their pasts in order to make a future together.

What starts as an innocent bit of voyeurism turns into a public display of…everything.

You know you like to watch.

Word count: approx. 47 000.

Edited by: Lisa A. Hollett.



“Cory, I’d give you a thousand pounds.”

The next teaser from Public Display of Everything :)


“Cory, I’d give you a thousand pounds.”

Ah, man.

Planting my elbows on the table, I rest my forehead in my palms and tug at my hair. Down on the floor, I see my fucking duffel bag, reminding me just how badly I need the money. It’s fucked-up how scruples vanish when there’s money involved.

“Give me some details of what would happen,” I mutter. “The wheres and whens, I mean.” Against my better judgment, I’m not running for the hills. “How all this works.”

Jacking my dick where people can see me, even though I wouldn’t show my face, isn’t exactly appealing.

Would Flynn watch?

That thought causes a flare of heat to spark up inside me.


3 days to go! :)

Messages from Luke

We shall continue with the excerpts from Public Display of Everything :)

Teaser number…four, right? Yes, I think so.



I’m probably speaking to a proverbial brick wall, but I don’t care. I’m so incredibly sorry. Do you not see my messages? Or are you ignoring them? I understand if it’s the latter. Again, I’m very sorry.

Selfishly, I wish you were here now. Jennifer’s pregnant.

Hope you’re well,




I admit it, you know. I’m gay. I’m sick of this fake life I’ve built. Yesterday I caught Dylan lying about his homework, and I felt like the biggest fraud when I lectured him on the importance of speaking the truth.

Hope you’re well,


“You want me to do what?”

Excerpt #3 for Public Display of Everything. Scroll down to the last two blog posts if you have no ida what I’m rambling about ;)


“Never mind. I get it.” I lean back and scratch my nose. “So, I guess this is a one-time kind of job, then? Like, you borrow my info and that’s it?”

Seems like one hell of a detour to be dishonest to me. He could’ve easily just lied and put down whatever info he wanted. Right?

“Well…” Flynn looks away and grimaces. “Here’s the thing—Goodness, I can’t. I can’t ask you. My friend back home in the States warned me. She said it would be inappropriate of me to ask, so now I can’t.” He covers his face with his hands. “I apologize sincerely for bothering you.”

“Hey. Don’t.” Reaching forward, I nudge his hands away, then sit back once more. “You’ve come this far, yeah?” I grin and shrug. “Might as well continue. And—” it’s my turn to make a face “—I could use the money. I really do need a job.”

He’s already shaking his head. “No. I can’t. You’ve already said it’s not your ‘thing.'” He actually makes air quotes. “This would require being on display.”

“That sounds…” Not good. Not good at all. I shift in my seat. “Ominous.” Still, I’m too curious now to back out. I can always say no, but I wanna know more. “Come on, tell me.” I give him what I hope is a convincing smile.

He stares silently at me for a solid five seconds, then breaks away. His ears tint red. “Running this kind of site…I have learned I cannot be shy and hesitant.” He exhales shakily. “They want to see me. In a window or something. Well, outside too, but most people show themselves in windows.”

That confuses me—talk of “outside,” then windows. “You mean a webcam thing, right? Like, they’d see you in a chat window?”

“No.” He gulps. “A real window. In person.” The next time he looks me in the eye, he starts speaking in a rush again. “Your face would be hidden. They’d only see your body. As you…you know…masturbate.”

“Wait.” My eyes bug out. “You want me to do what?”

While my heart starts racing, I look around me as if I’m guilty of a crime and don’t want the police to throw me in jail.

“You would masturbate in a window.”

Public Display of Everything – excerpt 2

If you didn’t catch the first teaser, scroll on down to the previous post and meet Cory and Flynn from Public Display of Everything.

If you did read yesterday’s blog post, here’s another excerpt :)


“The members keep inquiring about me.” He drops his gaze to the table. “They’re expecting a Dom type—”

“Is BDSM involved, too?”

I learned about that lifestyle the wrong way. It was the one and only time I took the job as a private chauffeur. My client wanted me to call him “Master,” which I found fucked up, but I did it. However, I looked up BDSM after my first shift, and I kept an eye on that dude from there on out.

The day he told me I’d look good in a ball gag, he ended up in the hospital with a cracked jaw; I got fired and was nearly arrested.

“No, no.” Flynn shakes his head quickly. “But you know the type?” I nod, getting it. “Yes. So. I am nothing like that.” He bites the inside of his cheek. “They’d be incredibly disappointed if they saw the real me. I would ruin their image, and I do not like ruining things.”

That’s…that’s crap. I get what he’s saying, but it’s crap. Fuck, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know this guy, and telling him—hell, any guy—that he looks good, that he’s sexy…I can’t do that anymore.

“I need someone to pretend they’re me,” Flynn nearly whispers. “Someone whose features I can type into my profile, and… Of course, I would continue my work as I’ve done previously, but there would be information about me that isn’t truly mine.” I nod slowly, the pieces falling together. Flynn pulls up another page on his site—his profile, I note. “I’ve always kept it vague. Not even my employed admins know what I look like.”

Reading his info, the little he has, raises some questions. “It says here you have light hair, which is true, but—” I point to my own, which is brown. “Your eye color is listed as green.” Again, mine are brown. “And height…oh, you haven’t filled that in.”

I’d say he’s half a foot shorter than I am. He hasn’t filled in anything under body type, either. Lean. Same with age—no info.

Sexual orientation: heterosexual.

Of-fucking-course he is.


Come back tomorrow for the next teaser!

Plot bunnies and frustrations

Hey, you guys :)

I’ve been quiet for a while, and that’s because a plot bunny attacked me. The timing was awful, just horrible, but I couldn’t help it.

Let’s end this blog post on a good note, so I’ll do the bad news first.

Chase and Remy (for the Aftermath sequel) are two very frustrating men. I’m thanking whatever higher deity that floats your boat it’s not writer’s block, but damn, they’re not easy to have in my head. The story has grown to the point where it’s going to be longer than Aftermath, and I’ve been struggling to even get the two in the same room. But if I already have their whole lives mapped out up here *taps temple,* there’s nothing I can do but trudge forward and try to find a way for Chase and Remy to kiss and make up on their terms.

I wish, as the friggin’ writer, I could control that. Stupid thing called realism.

I’m rambling.

Outcome is still my priority, but I did take a break when this other plot bunny attacked, which means there’s been a delay on Chase and Remy. I’m back to it now though, and I have about half the story written. I hope to have it ready for editing in a month or so. *crosses fingers*

Now, the good news.

That plot bunny. It brought me Cory and Flynn, and their story was easy to write. So easy. It’s already with my editor, and it will be published on April 5th on Amazon.

Here’s the cover

PDoE-mediumGenre: M/M, erotica/romance.

Word count: Approximately 46 000. (Some 180 Word pages.)

Lisa, my editor, is currently helping me with a summary–she rocks at those–so in the meantime, here’s an excerpt.


He clears his throat and wipes a hand down his gray slacks, then extends it. “I’m Flynn Wright. Nice to meet you.”

I shake his hand firmly. Clammy. Nice, long fingers. “Cory Matthews.” My smile feels a little more genuine now. The kid—Flynn…may be the hottest nerd I’ve ever seen. “You mentioned something about overhearing?”

“Correct.” He blows out a breath and pushes a few locks of his dirty blond hair away from his forehead. “I’m aware of the fact that this topic doesn’t fall under social norms, so I apologize for any awkwardness on my part.” A stiff smile. “I only caught the gist of it, but are you looking for work?”

“That’s right,” I admit reluctantly.

“Okay. Okay.” He nods shortly. “Do y-you have high standards?” A small bead of sweat trickles down his temple, distracting me. It’s a hot July day, but the bar is air-conditioned. “Or high morals, for that matter.” That last part was mumbled.

I furrow my brow, repeating his words. What the fuck? Glancing around me, I chuckle. I can feel the crease of confusion in my forehead.

“I wouldn’t have sex for money, if that’s what you mean.” I cock my head as he averts his green eyes to the floor. “Kid, if this is your idea of small talk, I’m afraid it needs some work.”

His gaze snaps up again, eyes wider. For some reason, his face falls slightly before it’s back to composed. “Kid.” Or as composed as he’s capable of. “Oh, okay. Right. Yes. I see.” I don’t. He scratches a point above his eyebrow. Then he squeezes his eyes shut for a single second. He’s clearly struggling with something. “I’m g-going to ask anyway, and then we c-can forget all of this once you’ve said no.” He speaks in a rush. “I have a job offer, but it’s not for everybody.” He sucks in a quick breath.

I blink. I’m not fucking slow, but this Flynn guy is a handful. I’m kinda worried he’s gonna have a stroke, and he’s way too young for that.

“What kind of job offer?” I’ve had some seedy gigs before, so I’m not gonna say no before I know what it is.

“It’s, um… Is there any way we can speak in private?” He gestures to a table in the corner. “It’s better if I show you.”

I look over to where Tammy is, preferring an opinion right now, but she’s busy with customers. Fuck it. I have nothing to lose, so I agree and grab my stuff before I follow Flynn to his table.

My eyes trail south on the way, and I stifle a sigh of longing at the sight of his tight ass.

It’s been too fucking long.

Too bad I’m a chickenshit and can’t bring myself to get back in the dating game.

Flynn sits down and pulls out a tablet from his messenger bag, quickly powering it up while I get comfortable.

“I run a website,” he explains, tapping away on the touch screen. “It’s about, ah, exhibition—just to warn you.”

I grin, a little nervous myself now. “I watch porn, but I have no interest in starring.” It’s been ages since I had the opportunity to watch, though. It’s not like I have constant access to the internet. Or a computer.

“Okay.” He swallows hard, and his hand is trembling as he slides his tablet to my side of the table. “This is the site.”

Resting my forearms on the table, I lean forward and focus on the screen. Public Display of More. Dot com. I peer up at Flynn real quick before the screen has my attention again. “Is there a voyeur in you? Or are you the one who would like an audience in the bedroom?”

It’s a website about voyeurism?

This guy doesn’t strike me as…kinky.


Interested in reading more about Cory and Flynn? Check in every day, ’cause I’ll be posting a daily teaser here on the blog until it goes live on Amazon on April 5th :)

As soon as I have the summary, I’ll add the book to Goodreads, too.

So…I’ll just get back to Chase and Remy now!